All The Single Ladies! What is the biggest shopping day in the world?

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Who said being single is a bad thing? All the single ladies have an entire shopping event dedicated to them! What more can a woman want? That’s right, you heard it here first: the world’s biggest shopping day is almost here!

Our Singles Day shopping event is just around the corner - Sunday 11th November. Get ready to check out all the good buys! All your favourite styles are on sale to celebrate the single life.

Singles Day originally launched in China in a bid to help single people celebrate their relationship status. As a part of this tradition, retailers offer incredible discounts and deals. TREAT YO' SELF!

So here it is ladies, get your credit cards ready, clear out your after-pay accounts and treat yourself on the world’s biggest shopping day! 

Stay tuned to find out what our offer will be!

Here's some of our favourite picks to celebrate the single life.