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Be Your Best Sexy Self From The Inside Out

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Charlie de Haas is an entrepreneur and Sydney success story! Founder of The Clean Treats Co. and new nutritionally effective products Get NKED, you can’t help but smile when Charlie enters the room - she just has that glow! A glow that we have now discovered starts from the inside. Glowing from the inside out… we’ll have what she’s having!

Charlie is passionate about bringing plant-based and gluten-free beauty and health products to Australians, helping us to love ourselves from the inside out. With a range including protein-based treats, supplements for gut health and antioxidant-rich beauty boosts, Get NKED makes it easier than ever to feel confident in your skin.

How do you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?

A passionate dreamer. Spiritual, plant lover, book nerd, healthy with a dash of weekend wine and good times. Marathon runner, wannabe yogi.

I believe in the beauty of my dreams and the power of our minds to create the world we live in. I’d like to say no one could outwork me in a room (a belief I have [sic][sic][sic][sic] food as a way to show self-love to yourself.

Practice a love for a good self-mindset by looking into the mirror and saying I love you until you feel this. When you genuinely care about yourself, you will make better choices for your body and life. Be your own best friend, not your own worst enemy.

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What would be your go-to accessory when you want to feel that little bit extra?

Anything with some extra bling or jewels. A statement neckpiece for sure!

Favourite bag shape for every day? Favourite bag shape for a night out with the girls?

I’m the oversized bag queen... It needs to fit my journal, makeup (as the days can be long!), snacks and laptop.

For a night out, I can never go past a clutch. Particularly, an oversized one with lots of detail.

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Social media has played a strong part in your success. What do you love about social media?

Social media offers us the chance to support people we love, as we get to vote with our like's and comments. It offers us the chance to choose the world we live in - we can curate the images by simply following or unfollowing different accounts.

As a business, it allows us direct access to our customers. We can connect and ask them what they like and want. This allows us to stay on point and relevant.

“Beauty always comes from within”

What five words of advice would you give the Charlie from five years ago?

1. Learn to take time with decisions, the time to check in with YOU, recalibrate all areas of life.
2. Don't respond to an email, text or call from anger - wait 24 hours.
3. Most things aren't personal, try not to get caught up in that.
4. Know that it is ok to ask for help and make a plan.
5. Self-love is the first love, you are your #1 priority.

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