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How to Survive NYE

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New Year’s Eve is upon us once again! If you are planning on taking on the big city celebrations, then there are a few things that you will need. Of course, your primary goal is to have the best time possible. However, for this to happen you need to be prepared! Preparation is key. Make sure your whole night is locked in. Create a group chat with all your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook so you can make sure everyone stays updated in case anything changes! Who has the tickets? What time are you meeting? Who is booking all the Ubers? Most importantly, what is the dress code?! Make sure you and your favourite girls are all coordinated! You don’t want to miss the memo, well not this year anyway 😉

Just in case here are a few more things to keep in mind;

Your outfit needs to be 360 perfection! Try it on with a friend and ask them to take a photo from every angle. That way you can be 100% confident that you are looking 💯. This is what every celebrity does before they walk the red carpet and let’s face it. Tonight, the city is your red carpet! Your accessories need to be on point. Pick statement earrings that will sparkle at night, with a matching ring and necklace. Tonight is the night you can go all out!!

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Are you flats or heels kind of girl? If you are going to rock a heel this year, then be prepared to do it all night long. And if you think you can’t make it, pack some foldable flats into your bag just in case. Otherwise, wear your favourite white sneakers. They go with everything and mean you can floss all night long.


You will need the perfect clutch. The perfect clutch will fit your phone, touch-up beauty essentials, phone charger, battery plus a few other essentials. Oh, you might also want to check that it has a crossbody chain, so you never need to be without your favourite things.

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Make sure your UBER account and app is up to date and your card is loaded. There is nothing worse than needing to leave a party ASAP and having to update everything. Those credit card numbers can be so hard to read if you are outside at dark. Don't forget your wallet tonight.

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If you want to document the whole night, then you better be ready to recharge. Bring your phone cable and an external battery. That way you will not miss a cheers boomerang or firework selfie! Also, remember to check your stories when you wake up. Just in case… 

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Happy New Year. May 2019 be your moment to shine! Love ColetteXx



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