Bachelor in Paradise

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Let’s be honest, when Married At First Sight ended there was a brief moment of panic amongst us all where we wondered, ‘now what are we going to do with ourselves Sunday through Wednesday?’ Well, our prayers have been answered with the perfect timing of Australia’s first Bachelor In Paradise.


We’ve got a beautiful location, beautiful people and endless cocktails – what could go wrong? So far in the space of two weeks we’ve seen the rise and fall of about 20 ‘connections’, 10 of which were just Jared and Keira. We’ve seen sexy, shirtless Americans come to Fiji and literally change the dynamic of every relationship on the Island, we’ve had champagne thrown, threats made, several tantrums – so essentially just us on a Saturday night am I right?


So for those of us not blessed enough to be home alone on a weeknight, watching channel ten, here’s a quick summary.

Pot plant Jarrod from Sophie Monk’s season and Keira are finally an item! We’ve been waiting for this since day one. After both convincing themselves to try and get over each other, they gave in and have been super cute ever since – Jarrod even let Keira win on their Touch Footy date (if that’s not romantic I don’t know what is.)

Ali, from season one, told us from the beginning she wasn’t going to kiss anyone until she found the person she wanted to leave the island with – and she’s found him! Beautiful fireman/male model/winner of best jawline ever, American Grant – and they are obsessed with each other and almost upsettingly cute. Fan favourite, gorgeous goofy Tara from Matty J’s season has met her match with the equally goofy, yet sickeningly sweet, Sam and they are adorable! He even built her a private hut using sticks and leaves from around the island so they could spend more one on one time together - probably the sweetest thing anyone’s done on the island thus far.

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Other notable mentions are Michael, who after two weeks has decided he couldn’t hide his feelings for Lisa any longer (Luke’s solid girl at this point), and has professed his undying love, or in the words of every Bachelor in Paradise contestant, ‘I really want to get to know you’, giving her his rose and leaving Luke shocked and questioning the bro-code.

After Lisa didn’t reciprocate, Michael decided to leave the island – quickly followed by Luke and Lisa who decided they wanted to give their relationship a shot in the outside world – so dramatic. 

Finally, the moment that shocked us all: Eden and Nina. After two whole weeks of a seemingly solid relationship, Eden decided Nina wasn’t willing to meet him half way with what he wanted (she wouldn’t kiss him, get over it dude), and gave his rose to amazon queen Elora who has been on the island approximately 30 seconds. Nina was visibly peeved and ended up having to leave the island – refusing to speak to Eden on the way out. Boy bye!

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Ultimately, is this the drama fuelled beautiful disaster we all needed in our lives to fill the void Sarah and Telv left? YES. Is it adding anything notable or educational to our lives? Definitely not. But will we watch it four days a week until completion? You know it.


The girls have been rocking Colette almost daily on the island and we are loving it! Check it out below.

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