Bachelor in Paradise- Wrap!

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What an adventure it has been with Bachelor in Paradise. We have had tears, laughs, breakups and the cutest love stories. 

The suspension of the finale was killing us! Who will propose? Who will say yes? Will all the couples end in happily ever after? 

Keep reading to find out what happened!

 Keira and Jarrod

A love story, amazing, both awkward in love and have been heartbroken multiple times, finally found each other through all the trials and tribulations of Paradise. Keira was seen on her Instagram story today with Jarrod's mum so it's safe to say they’ve lasted the 6 months since filming ended!

Keira has moved to Melbourne to be with Jarrod and they work on his winery together! (She watches him work, drinks the wine- Don’t blame you girl!)

 Ali and Grant

the 'too perfect' couple of paradise - they committed to each other during the finale, and Ali moved to LA to be with Grant. The show let us know they ended up parting ways as it didn’t work out in LA – to be honest we're not surprised, there was something too glossed over about their relationship the whole time. Not to mention, Grant has been on Bachelor in Paradise before and PROPOSED to the girl he was with at the time. WARNING SIGNS (This guy is desperate but not willing to make the effort).

Tara and Sam

OUR FAVOURITE COUPLE (tied with Keira and Jarrod), both equally as dorky and cute as each other, but also both so kind-hearted and sweet. What started off as a friendship in Paradise and Tara literally saying as Sam entered the resort 'well, he’s not getting a rose from me!', has literally blossomed into the most amazing love story ever! Sam proposed during the commitment ceremony, and Tara couldn’t have said yes faster! We love this couple and wish them all the best in the world - it seems they were made for each other.

Megan and Jake

They were boring from the beginning and obviously didn’t last, Megan didn’t even want to go to the commitment ceremony at all and left paradise prior. Sad ending for Jake, we hope they both find love!


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