Colette Insider: Autumn Must-have Trends

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 A natural revolution has slid its way back into the latest fashion fixation and we’re totally obsessed. We have proved that this seasons second skin can be totally daring as our clutches and bags range from classic brown to, white, yellow and rich reds and were just the perfect example that snakeskin is by no means confined to earthly hues this season. To aid you in getting right into the animal trend we have the newest polished leopard and faux fur accessories, ranging between our classic but sexy Colette shapes. The serpentine trend has not only been embraced by us at Colette, a simple sweep of Instagram and you’ll find your favorite celeb that employs the trend more daring than ever. Your inner animal persona is ready to roar! SHOP PYTHON NOW




This fall bad trend will make you forget its freezing and miserable outside, bringing you back to basic’s with our latest white bags appearing pragmatic and playful in the form of mini’s, satchels, shoulder bags and cross bodies. Our latest white handbag range is endlessly versatile and lets be real, investing in an up-and-coming white handbag is rarely a bad decision.

As seen covered all over the catwalk, we are adding to the handbag trend combining daring new hardware, printed scares and the forever fav pom pom accessory, our embrace is the easiest way to give simple outfits and classic staples a forward spin. SHOP WHITE BAGS



Fashion girls are rekindling their forever romance with the classic hoop jewelry trend. Pushing playful and unique takes on an otherwise subtle category. This years bold must-haves are proving that earrings are a new measure of personality. We love what the hoops of today have evolved into; from dainty wire shapes, to mixed metals, geometric twists and chucky show stopping pairs. Evidently nearly all of our favorite celebs have taken on the craze, as Kendall Jenner is captured with her as some would say ‘oversized’ hoop but they’re clearly not just thinking big enough and Kendall’s bestie, Bella Hadid playing it safe with the chunky midi hoop as an everyday choice. If your style is already bold then we have the classic pair, suitable for women of all ages. SHOP GOLD HOOPS



A solid statement necklace has always been a popular way for fashion-lovers to dress up, accessorize and complete their outfit and thanks to updates in textures, styles and colours these unapologetically bold pieces impart a little personality and sophistication. 

Give your wardrobe an instant update with the help of these standout pieces.


You may have noticed the coin necklace trend has quickly flourished into the return of layered necklaces as the new way to make a statement with your jewellery. The return isn’t something many people consider, but it’s certainly a fun look to try out if you enjoy experimenting with your favorite individual necklaces. Today, our fine layered necklaces play with texture by mixing and matching different style chains, have chockers graduating to long-stranded necklaces that skim your mid-torso. And what we love most about this trend is that they can go with everything from a basic T-shirt to a more elevated dress for a night out. Layering your necklaces has become an art that our favourite 'It-girls' and bloggers have quickly mastered, so whatever type of look you’re trying to achieve, try it out at home and see how it feels for you!



The classics have become cool again, now pearls are being redefined, with less of an appetite for the classic stones and now we see the shift of pearls being rough-around-the -edges, in tandem with the cutest heart shape and hoop styles. We love how the 2019 trend has made it into the mainstream and with a little added flare.