How I styled my dream wedding!

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Guest blogger Alyce Greer serves the DL on her wedding!

My husband Ben (ooh husband, weird!) and I got married this September in Byron Bay, and what they say is true: it goes really, really fast, and it is absolutely the best day of your life.

By the time we got married we had been engaged for exactly two years, so I had a lot of time to obsess over the details – and obsess I did.

From the beginning, Ben and I made a pact that we wouldn’t have a traditional wedding – no typical wedding cars, food, decorations or favours. So, we went the opposite way, hiring a double decker bus, serving up fried chicken and Bubble O Bills, hanging a big disco ball in the tree, and arranging tequila shots to be waiting for each of our guests at their seats, so they couldn’t run away. Our theme was a little bit tropical, a little bit Palm Springs, and a lot fun.

Seeing as I’m a stylist and my whole life practically revolves around clothes, I knew my wedding dress would end up being very, shall we say… different… and it most certainly was. After stalking a label on Instagram, I found my ultimate wedding number, which came in the form of a completely OTT tulle party skirt. My talented friend in New York made me a ¾ sleeve crop top tied in a bow at the back to match, and I finished off the look with towering gold platform heels I could barely stand in. Perfect. Because my outfit was such a statement, I wanted to keep my jewellery and bag very simple. Balance, you know?

Next on the list were my bridesmaids. In the spirit of being unconventional, I chose eight bridesmaids (eight is the new four) and asked them all to wear white (white is the new black). It was important to me that every bridesmaid was wearing something different, so they not only felt like themselves on the day, but so they could style them however they wanted as well. Slicked back hair with statement earrings? OK! A girlboss suit with stacked rings? Why not! A party dress with layered chokers? Umm, yes! My bridesmaids all wore gold and silver jewellery from colette; it completely made their outfits, and I loved that it was so individual to them.

Looking back at my wedding, I’m so glad I stuck to my guns and didn’t fall into the ‘wedding trap’; comparing my wedding to other couples’ and feeling like I should take the safe route. Sure, I got some horrified looks when I told people my bridal party was ¼ of the entire wedding, and I tripped on my platform heels as I was walking down the aisle, but it was all worth it in the end.

The key to planning a nontraditional wedding is to look at every element and flip it on its head. I mean, rethink everything. You don’t have to do a bouquet toss if you don’t want to, you can serve your favourite foods, your bridesmaids will look amazing in mismatched outfits and you should look in the non-bridal section for your accessories. You never know what you might find. 

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