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How my dream wedding came to life!

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Guest blogger Bernice gives us the DL on her dream wedding. 

Describe your dream wedding.

My upcoming wedding is my dream wedding! It’s simple, has been hassle free to organise, and contains things that we’ll enjoy instead of having a bunch go things just for show. It’s our closest friends, and family by the beach with flowers everywhere. We’ll be eating our favourite foods, cocktails on tap, and all our favourite songs from our relationship with a few crowd suggestions. We’re having a romantic canopy section overlooking the beach with some comfy cushions, and our favourite movies playing for the kids, and anyone who just wants to relax too. Something for everyone, and everything we love all in one day.

We’ve been together for nearly 8 years since meeting in church when we were 14. We didn’t want anything extravagant, we just want to get married, and celebrate it with the ones we love in a way we’ll really love.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?

We’re going around Hawaii for 2 weeks! Our flight is at 6am (wedding reception ends at 11pm) so we’ll be out doing karaoke after the wedding, so we can just snooze on the plane ride there instead of being jet-lagged the first day.

What would be your dream honeymoon destination?

Anywhere with a beach, a hotel or villa with a deep bathtub, and a bunch of great places to eat nearby.



Are you having a bride tribe?

Definitely! I have four of my girls I met at my gym, and one of the girls from my workplace.

When you were looking for bridal accessories what were you looking for?

I wanted to look like a princess, so I was looking for crowns and gorgeous dangly earrings! I ended up getting a 24k gold crown with Swarovski crystals, and pear-shaped gold Swarovski earrings. No bracelets or necklaces as the ring and head bling is more than enough!

What is the theme for your wedding?

Blush, white, and gold accents to a “sweet romance” theme.


What is the most important bridal accessory for you?

Nothing beats the ring bling. I actually returned my first wedding ring because I felt rushed by the salesperson to get it who said it’s the type everyone gets. Went back in the next week after looking at it every day, and bought one more like me.

What are you looking forward to the most at your wedding?

Hearing his vows, and of course finally becoming his wife! We’ve always written each other love letters since we were 14 so I know how sweet he is with words, and we’ve been ready to get married for years. We were just waiting for us both to graduate and get good jobs before starting to settle down.

What accessories were you looking for while planning your wedding dress and your bride tribe look?

I’ve already mentioned how extra my wedding accessories will be, and that’s to match my ballgown dress that’s also covered in crystals.

For my bride tribe I wanted them to wear something they’d be comfortable wearing, they could use again, and that they’d actually like. We’ve gone through countless dress options, and colour palettes but getting the accessories was easy!

We had a quick scroll through Colette and found some gorgeous diamond drop earrings and cute matching maid of honour clutches (all 5 are my maid of honour - how do you pick one?!).


What advice would you give to other brides planning their big day?

Just remember what it’s all about. Your wedding day isn’t really about the cake, the shoes, the venue, or even the dress. It’s about how much you love each other and celebrating that love.

Don’t let any part of the planning become bigger than your love, and you’ll be fine. Even if things go not according to plan but you still love each other, everything is okay. It’s just stuff.

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Images by- Captured Frames


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