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Are you looking for new ideas to spice up a gift exchange at your office, with friends or even your annual Christmas lunch? We thought so!

If you are making your lists and checking them twice you will know its time for Kris Kringle aka Secret Santa time. The trick to perfecting Kris Kringle is to lay down a few ground rules to avoid any awkward gift swapping and that everyone has a merry time!

Here are our hot tips to make sure Kris Kringle goes smoothly:

1. Gather the troops! Ensure all employees are on board and get everyone hyped for the end of year festivities (this includes Christmas Carol jams in the office HQ, who doesn't love a bit of Mariah Carey?!)

2. Set an amount and stick to it! Christmas is the time of giving for most of the world so ensure a cap is done to keep the game fair and people won't feel uncomfortable about giving or receiving.

3. Make it mindful! Think of something practical instead of jokey! If all else fails there is nothing better than a new desk gadget or some cool stationary! Even a novelty mug, everyone needs one to have their daily tea or coffee in.

See below a few products that'll add excitement to the traditional Kris Kringle game this year.

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