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It's a boy! Chats with Natasha Hayman

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Head Buyer of International, Natasha Pitzer nee Hayman is expecting! We take five with out favourite girl to chat babies, impending motherhood how her wardrobe has changed.

1. What are your favourite parts about being pregnant so far and what has surprised you the most?

The best thing about being pregnant is when my husband has his hand on my stomach and can feel our little boy move around and kick, we both really enjoy it.

2. How did you first find out you were expecting a boy?

We actually had a blood test done at 10 weeks and I found out over the phone, I then went and got a cute little boys outfit and surprised my husband at his favourite burger and beer restaurant, He was so excited.

3. Who are some of your favourite celebrity mums?

I love Kate Hudson and Bec Judd, both of them have such a cool and cruisey view on parenting, they spend a lot of time with their kids but still look after themselves by working out / spending time with friends. Having children was something that added to their life, it didn’t define them completely.

4. Do you have any great tips for other mums to be?

I think a positive mind can help with a positive pregnancy, enjoy the fun parts like your growing tummy and feeling the baby move around.
Also Apps keep you right in the loop: Babycentre and Babybump – they give you the weight and length of the baby by week with what changed to expect in your body, its really cool – plus a cute reference to what fruit or vegetable size your baby is this week! My little boy is currently a red cabbage lol.

5. How are you going thinking of names for your baby?

We actually chose our baby name about a week ago, but we’re not telling anyone until he is born! What I can say is his middle name will be Hendrik after his Dad!

6.What are you doing to prepare for your baby boys arrival?

I'm actually a huge planner, his bedroom and outfits are all ready for him, However we have been reading all the necessary books –

“what to expect when you’re expecting”

“what to expect in your first year”

“save our sleep” and

“every woman"

7. What are your top accessories for expectant mothers?

I Have been using a bucket bag recently – It fits all the paper I need to take to my appointments but also you can just throw it cross body, they are so easy to use.
My Jewellery style has gotten lighter forsure, tassel earrings and layered necklaces make you feel a little sexier even with a big round belly but without getting in the way

8.What are your favourite pregnant outfits so far?

I have cotton overalls from Asos that are so unbelievably comfortable, shift dresses from Atmos&here, kookai dresses are so stretchy and the tightness actually holds the baby higher and more secure, Topshop have some really cool maternity dresses and loose fitted boyfriend tee’s, H&M also do maternity. Its become really popular and so easy to justify since its all low priced and practical.

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