Love Island

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For those who haven’t been watching SPOILER ALERT! Loyal avid reality tv lovers, this is the down low on what has happened so far in the 3 nights of Love Island Australia 2018. This 2018 season starts with us meeting 5 gorgeous hot babes with great bodies and bikinis that make us think how many days we need to work out to look like that while sitting on the couch binging on cookies, chocolate, lollies and wine (a bottle so we’re clear). 


Now we have cleared up the situation of how we watch Love Island 5 nights of the week, let’s get onto the down low of the show. All boys walk in one by one getting rejected one after another but still have the joy of picking the girl they want but lucky for Grant, the tradie man (until you find out his true colours in episode 3), Cassidy & Natasha stepped forward to take him as their partner. Who did Grant choose!? Well, it was Cassidy as she didn’t have a partner. And lucky Erden and Erin made a match in heaven from the moment Erin stepped forward to claim him as her own. So, who did the rest match with? Millie (gorgeous brunette who previously dated Charlie) partnered with International Model Justin. Tayla (Miss Universe Australia) Partnered with Josh (the toy boy). Natasha (who’s only requirement is her man has to own a boat) is partnered with Charlie (Sydney’s own rugby player).



What feels like a happy week passes by in the Love Island Villa (24hours to be exact) before bombshell Kim (who has a little 2-year-old that no one knows about) walks in and steals somebody else’s man. Who is she going to steal!? We all are placing bets, is it going to Erden? Nar Erin would eat her alive. Okay, so we have 1 boy down 4 left.  Grant mmm maybe? But Cassidy and he are so strong.  Alright, maybe going on a date with Josh & Charlie will help her make up her mind. Josh seems like a front-runner asking Kim if her son is a boy or girl hahahaha (totally normal mistake Josh) but she brushes it off answering that he is a boy. Phew, that was a close one. Next, we have Charlie who is more than “willing to give it a crack” if she picks him – his words not mine.  All tension and lead up to who Kim will pick comes to an end when she picks Toy Boy Josh leaving Tayla alone and vulnerable to Grants charms.



Poor Tayla as if it’s not bad enough that she now has no partner, she must be the host of spin the bottle where all secrets are revealed. THE RULES: Spin the bottle whoever it lands on kisses the person they think is the owner of the secret/story read by Tayla. Many secrets are revealed in this segment that I’m not going to tell you about or I might have already spilled throughout this article, but I will tell you this is the moment we realise Millie doesn’t understand girl code in Erin’s eyes and bares the wrath of Erin later for it. I mean duh girl code Millie, gosh!



Now Grant with his great skills explains the dynamics of his love triangle he is at the top and Cassidy and Tayla are in the left and right corners. Thanks for that Grant I was a little confused how love triangles worked but now I get it. Throughout this episode, we all sit there and nod in agreement (we’ve all been there) of how the boys play our emotions and us. (Not all boys for those of you catching up on your Love Island goes, reading this in secret or over your girlfriend’s shoulder). In short, Grant is telling Cassidy she is the only one for him while telling Tayla that he really wants to kiss her (apparently that’s what girls want to hear – (quoted by the boys of Love Island). Now before you take a team Cassidy or team Tayla, Grant is called out not once but twice by Cassidy after she and Tayla have “Girl Talk”. Leaving Grant alone, Cassidy in tears and Tayla no longer interested.


To recap what we’ve discovered so far Erin isn’t a chill as she says. Cassidy and Grant are over (I mean Grant you should know girls always stick together). Justin is feeling himself all the time – so my words of advice are you do you boo. The villa has a cat and pool boy! Can we please maybe get them in some shots because dropping subtle hints has me suffering FOMO not knowing.  Kim stole Josh. Tayla is now alone and Millie cares more about what the villa cat thinks about her. Now we’re are just waiting to meet the two new hunks coming into the Love Island Villa tonight!