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Party Ready with Mannolly

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The one and only Mannolly has joined us to celebrate our 8th birthday at CBCH.

Being Venezuelan she knows how to party! We have asked our gorgeous girl questions about how to be party ready.


Check out her style here.


Keep scrolling to see how Mannolly gets party ready!


What is your favourite look for a night out?

My night out looks are always feminine, elevated and super sexy. I love fun, sexy, disco girl vibes. Lots of sequins and textures, mini dresses and cleavage haha.

How do you plan your party outfits?

I just go with my mood, depending how I feel I express that through my looks. Also depending on the plan or the place I’ll decide if I want to go more casual or more elegant. Something that makes me feel comfortable and powerful is what I’m always aiming for.


What is your party essential?

A nice pair of stilettos or platforms that make me feel extra sexy but allow me to dance all night haha, big hair down and lots of highlight.


What is your go to party accessory? Why?

A cute small handbag where I can fit just what I need (phone, cards, powder, keys, lipgloss), I NEVER leave my house without a handbag because I gotta be prepared for anything! I also love a big shiny pair of statement earrings. More is better when it comes to bling!

Do you have a favourite bag when going out? If so, what is it?

Yes, my first Chanel bag I got (wallet on a chain), it’s black so it goes with everything and I can use it as a clutch or cross over and recently I got a Colette chainmail gold clutch that is perfect to go dancing.


How would you describe your party style?

Sexy, powerful and bold.


Where is your favourite place to be when out to a party?

Depending on my mood, I like to get to know new places with different vibes and Melbourne is a great place for that!


Cocktail or champagne? Why?

Champagne, ALWAYS!


Sequins or velvet? Why?

Sequins and velvet mixed together.


Can you describe your ultimate party for us?

Drinks in a cool bar with deep long conversations then go dancing to electronic music and finish the night watching the sunrise in a gorgeous view eating something cheeky with my favorite people.


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