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The Bachelor is back!

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Incase you missed the first episode of the new season of the BACHELOR here are the 10 best things that happened! Also scroll down to see how all the bachelorettes styled Colette with their beautiful gowns! 


1. When Dasha made an ENTRANCE! Leaving Nick feeling hot under the collar.

2. When Brooke arrived and had no idea who the bachie (Nick) was but happens to play all types of football! (Match made in heaven?).

3. Cass is a secret stalker and 110% obsessed with Nick since they had already been together in the past and we all found out she has always wanted to marry him! Something tells me its not going to work out, sorry Cass.

4. When Cat said she was here for Nick but was jealous about Sophie dating her Ex & announced it to the world.

5. When Kayla jumped into the pool to get Nick’s attention, but he didn’t even notice!

6. Cayla telling everyone about her crystal obsession and that she was going to give everyone in the house a reading.

7. Vanessa is the new Kiera on this season of the bachelor and she knows it.

8. When Vanessa Sunshine arrived and made sure everyone knew her name. “Sorry what was your name again?”

9. When Urszula arrived on the red carpet dressed in green looking too alike to Ursula.

10. When Brooke got the Bachelor key <3 because we all love Brooke! And everyone was watching like hawks a metre away.

Alisha wearing colette by colette hayman earrings, bracelet and rings.


Autumn wearing Colette by Colette Hayman rings.

Juliana wearing layered necklaces from Colette by Colette Hayman

Rhiannon wearing Colette by Colette Hayman rings!

Steph wearing Colette by Colette Hayman bracelets and earrings


Images courtesy of TenPlay

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