Top 3 bag styles for the long weekend

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When it comes to long weekends we always have the million-dollar question of, what are the plans for the long weekend? If only it stopped there. Then comes the outfit planning. No need to stress ladies! We have you covered! Long weekends are the perfect time to experiment with your wardrobe.

Keep scrolling to see our top three bag styles for the perfect long weekend.


  1. Perfect backpack for an adventure 

We love an adventure. If you have a few things planned this long weekend, going from the Royal Easter Show to dinner a backpack is the best way to go. You can pack your change of shoes, makeup to touch up and a change of your day accessories to night. Backpacks are versatile and the new-cool way to take your belongings from one event to another. Check out our new sleek backpacks, now trending with paneled mixed materials and textures. 



2. Cute crossbody

A night out in the city at the hottest bar, is always a great idea for the long weekend, especially knowing that you don’t have to go into the office the next day. When planning your outfit for the night out keep it simple. You can always take your outfit to the next level with accessories. A cute crossbody with small details will create an impact to lift your outfit. Shop our crossbodies and be long weekend ready.



3. Getaway weekender

A mini getaway is the best way to unwind and chill with your favourite people. Although you are going to relax, it is a must to always to put your best fashion foot forward. We have made this easy for you, by creating a variety of weekender bags to suit your style. If you are like me and pack your entire wardrobe for a weekend away, or if you are the sensible packer you will find the perfect sized weekender for you in the latest trends.