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7 Tips for the SALE OF THE YEAR!!!

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For all our gals that love a good deal. Your day is almost here. Get ready to max out your credit cards with all the HOT deals. Yep you guessed it BOXING DAY SALE is around the corner. Our favourite retail time of the year. Lock it in your diaries.

1.Make It out Alive!

We have made it easier for you to shop. You have the choice of shopping amazing deals in the comfort of your home, by jumping online. If you are a try before you buy kind of gal run into your closest Colette by Colette Hayman store.

Happy shopping!

2.Sign me up

The motto ‘be prepared’ is key.

Stay in the loop with us by signing up to our newsletter and any other of your fave brands! You will be the first to hear about our best deals. See the link below.

Are you ready to fall off your chair?!?!?! We have the HOTTEST BUYS for Boxing day.

Up to 50% off for Jewel!!!

Up to 75% off for Bags!!!!

limited time only while stocks last.

3.Money Smart

Save your cash for NYE and put your purchases on After Pay. Let yourself go a little, and purchase all your hearts desires. I mean why not, buy now pay later!

4.Cheeky Christmas gifts

Are you trying to find time to schedule in your girls catch up before the year ends? Be a little cheeky and push it back until after boxing day. This way you can purchase Christmas gifts on SALE and spoil your bff even more.

Here are a few cute little buys that you can get for the girls during the boxing day sale.

Purse Gift Set

A5 PU Notebook 

5.Perfect sized clutch

Party season is around the corner. You will need the perfect sized clutch to look fabulous on your night out. Fit EVERYTHING for the night in your new little baby. Yes, even your iPhone 8.

Juliette Clutch 

6.Be brave with colour

Bring some colour into your life this summer. Have a bit of fun weather it be with your handbag or jewel pieces. Sometimes it is hard to decide on the perfect bag. Do I want the trendy coloured bag or the neutral everyday bag? Why don't you get both on SALE.

Shaina Tote 

Saide Saddle Bag 

Topical Necklace 



7.Must have classic and playful metal jewel pieces

Get your fun metal jewel pieces on sale to wear all year round. Here is a sneak peak of what you can find on the big day.


Leaf Chain wrist wear 


Stretch Ring 

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