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Oh how we love CHRISTMAS!!! It’s all about the fun, joy and let’s be real… food! Everyone’s frantically running around trying to find their last-minute presents, finalising the menu for the big day! Finding the perfect leg of ham and the freshest seafood for the big family feast on Christmas day!

To ensure you can survive the craziness unscathed we have listed all of our Christmas tips to help get you through!


Family lunch… better known as family FEAST!


Ladies this is the time of the year when it is socially acceptable to eat yourself stupid. Please note a maxi dress is KEY to the occasion! Light breezy and hides that “I couldn’t help myself with the Christmas ham belly…” Holla food baby! It’s also the perfect outfit for that afternoon nap, the best remedy for food comas.



Champagne showers!

This time of year seems to come around way too fast! We all know how busy It gets between work, purchasing presents, working on your summer bod, and keeping a handle on your social life! TIP: keep your work-life balance going with your work babes by popping a bottle after work. What are Thursdays for, right? A girls got to treat herself for all that hard work!



Christmas traffic!***

With Christmas fast approaching the traffic seems to be clogging up… city traffic getting worse if that’s even possible. Those slow, frustrating drives can feel like the biggest waste of time but in fact, they are actually one of a gal’s greatest opportunities. Have your pre-made playlist ready to go, think Christmas carols, your top 2017 spotify hits and always a little Yonce! Crank up those beats and belt. It. Out. Car karaoke is without doubt the most effective way to pass traffic time.

Show me what you've got ladies!!!



Emergency last minute gifts!

Are you that person who keeps putting off gift shopping? The ‘I’ve still have time..’ person? Well Christmas arrives in the blink of an eye and no one wants to be caught empty handed!

Don’t panic, we have a few ideas to keep you on the nice list this year!

Petrol stations are so convenient! On the way to your Christmas party why not stop by and pick up a box of choccies – a crowd favourite! OR a gift card, these days you can get anything from a movie to clothing voucher! Ah-mazing! Last but definitely not least… the bottle shop! Who doesn’t love a bottle of champagne or wine! You’ll be the star gift giver at Christmas!


How to rock your sunnies

Christmas is a time to celebrate! An Aussie celebration always involves alcohol. We all have that moment where we prepare ourselves and lie by saying ‘I’ll only have one drink’! That one drink turns into two, three and oops there goes the bottle!!! 
We have you covered girl! Pop on your favourite Colette sunnies to hold your cover!!! You will be looking fabulous! No one will know how much you have had to drink. Don’t worry we have your back!!!!


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