How to Vacay like an Influencer

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Going on Vacation is one of the most exciting and carefree ideas! But we all know how daunting it can be to plan for a vacation let alone pack the perfect outfits for each day when on vacay.

Our guest blogger Brooke Styles being the fashion guru she is, has given us an insight on how to vacay like a pro! Let's have a look at what she has said.

1. Top 5 holiday destinations

The Sunshine Coast QLD- Even though it is home to me every time I am away, I want to holiday back to my hometown. Each part of the Coast is so beautiful and different in its own way that there is always something to do. 

Bali Indonesia- My home away from home. I love running around Bali in the Christmas new year period as it’s super festive and lots of parties and celebrations along with tropical vacation vibes.

Lombok Indonesia- Hope on a plane to the next island from Bali and you’ll find a slice of paradise waiting to be explored. Lombok visual wise is Bali 20 years ago. Untouched, undeveloped and stunning. Unlike Bali, Lombok has Crystal clear beaches with white sand that is made of dreams.

Byron Bay NSW- Heading to Byron within the holiday period I’ll have a mix of celebrations and relaxation time. Tuck yourself away in Byron Bay hinterland or run around a festival to celebrate the holiday season. 

Airlie beach- Tropical far north QLD is a beautiful area to explore if you love experiences. Snorkelling, scuba diving or venturing to the beach for a day in the sun.


2. Your must-have accessories when you are on vacation and why?

  • A large beach bag to pop all my things in to go down to the beach! 
  • A pair of cat eye sunnies, love the shape for a tropical vintage vibe 
  • Delicate layered necklaces for a not over the top look 
  • Colourful hoops because nothing says holiday like colour !


3. Are you sipping on a cocktail by the pool or extreme adventure kind of girl?

Definitely half- half! I like to alternate my days between the both to recover from a whole day of adventuring 

 4. How would you describe your favourite vacay bag?

Woven large bag with pops of colour from tassels! Need to be able to pop in a beach towel, tanning lotion and sunglasses 



5. What accessory look do you love to rock when on vacay?

I love a pop of colour,  either with a bold lip or with hoop accessories paired with delicate gold pieces.


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