How to Shop Boxing Day Sale

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Ah, the silly season; a time for good food, good times, and even better bargains!

Christmas may only last a single day, but we love to let the good times roll on, and just quietly, might be more enthusiastic about the day after Christmas this year!

One of our favourite days of the year, the 26th of December Boxing Day sales. We’ve been waiting 365 days for this day! Boxing Day sales can be pure madness, and it can be challenging to navigate the bargains and maximize your savings if you don’t have a solid shopping strategy in place. But fear not, all you need to do is follow our step-by-step guide to master the markdown mania and get the best deals!


Plan your Journey.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the surplus of sales. Preparation is a necessity. Before the day, sit down and write a list of all your most-loved brands and shops (Colette being at the top of the list of course). It’s also handy to window-shop beforehand and write down specific products you’d like to nab on Boxing Day! This method will provide you with set objectives, helping you to stay focused. When the sales begin, refer to your list and visit your go-to shops and must-have products first, to ensure you don’t miss out on a killer product or bargain.


Be in the know.

Some brands release exclusive deals to their followers and subscribers. It is crucial that you subscribe to any relevant channels (Click here to become a Colette VIP) before your Boxing Day shopping experience. This will give you exclusive access to the best possible deals at the moment they are released. In addition, subscribing to email notifications is one of the easiest ways to keep up-to-date on all the newest products and sales.


Compare the Pair.

If you’re opting to shop online this Boxing Day, it’s super easy to open a few internet tabs to investigate and compare all your favourite brand’s offerings before you decide on your final purchases. There will be a lot of tempting sales, but in times such as these, it’s important to be selective! Find the deals which are most worth your investment!


Shop Colette!

Keep an eye out for our Boxing Day sale, it’s going to be a big one this year!

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