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Coachella is a melting pot of parties, fame, music and fashion. It’s that time of year where we see all our fave celebrities and insta-bloggers party with top artists, watch fab gigs and bring their best festival fashion A-game!


But what about us?! We are halfway across the world, nowhere near thinking about the possibility of Coachella and just having an insane amount of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!) as we scroll through our envious Insta feed. But hey, once you’ve had your time and learned to accept that 2017 just isn’t going to be your year, we are here to help.


Here’s how to cope with your Coachella FOMO:


  • Recreate the cool chaos of Coachella in your own back yard! Grab your girls, set up a Spotify playlist and make some fun cocktails.
  • Whatever you do, avoid Instagram.
  • Hire a van, grab a Polaroid camera and go on an Aussie road trip with your BFFs
  • Research some local gigs in your area. You never know, that neighbourhood band you keep hearing about could be the next big thing.
  • Shop the festival looks. You might not be at Coachella, but you’re stalking Vanessa Hudgens religiously and can purchase her latest IT bag at the touch of a button.
  • Go out to a cute laneway bar you’ve never heard of before.


The list is endless! See? Missing out on Coachella ain't so bad after all xx

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