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You know Easter is coming when chocolate turns into the form of rabbits and eggs and somehow you just can't escape them everywhere you turn! Stuck with what to do for Easter? Or simply don't know how to cope with the holiday madness? We are here to help.

How to survive the Easter holidays:

1. Temptation is everywhere at Easter. If you love chocolate like we do, self control and a little willpower is needed. Hot tip: if there's just too much chocolate, share it around and bring it to work! Guaranteed, it will disappear in seconds.

2. When there is just too much food, try donating some of your Easter gifts to charity. It will make you feel better too!

3. Keep a check-list of who to buy for and what. There is nothing more awkward than receiving an Easter present when you have nothing in return. Eek.

4. If you're sick of your same old Easter routine, try something different. For example, instead of the usual family BBQ, opt for a road trip or a beach picnic. Or try bringing some board games to your Easter dinner to get the family doing something a little bit different!

5. It's also the school holidays - how do we keep the kids entertained?! Chocolate just isn't enough. In Sydney, the Royal Easter Show is one of the biggest annual shows held in Australia. Take your children, your nieces or your nephews, out for a day spent petting farm animals, getting show bags and going on carnival rides.

6. Get creative! Setting up Easter egg hunts are always fun but what about tie-dying Easter eggs with the kids or making fun gift baskets for friends & family?

There you have it, we hope this guide inspires you this Easter! From the Colette by Colette Hayman team, we hope you have a fun and safe Easter holiday with family and friends xx

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