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Spring Racing is finally here and we have the perfect tips to get you spring racing ready. Trying to master race-wear can be difficult, so we’ve made it easier for you by giving you the low-down on each race day’s theme, so you can bring your fashion A game on the field!

Derby Day:

Derby Day’s dress code is strictly monochromatic so stick to black and white. This is one of the more daring race days so do opt for neutral shades in tailored styles to give a more sartorial look. If you feel a little restricted by the black-and-white theme, remember that monochrome invites in pops of colour in subtle and minimal ways. This is the perfect time to incorporate a statement necklace, a metallic clutch or a bright red lipstick. For headwear, opt for a veil style to add a bit of drama into your outfit. This will give off a sense of mystery and allure that you want to achieve for Derby Day!

(Rozalia Russian)

Oaks Day:

If you fancy a garden party with an abundance of florals, then Oaks Day might just be the race-day for you. The key is to achieve a romantic and feminine look as much as possible. Opt for feminine fabrics like lace or silk and to soften your look opt for pastel hues in shades like pink, blue or lavender. Jewellery is key and really, anything goes with Oaks Day, but to create an ultra-feminine look go for rose gold or pearl styles. With clutches, it’s important to be minimal – stick to pastel colours and leather look styles, save the statement pieces for another race day. As with headwear, floral crowns and headbands are a no-brainer and are the easiest option as to complement your Oaks Day outfit.

(Jodi Gordon)

Melbourne Cup:

By far the most important and glamorous day of the races – this is the time to take risks, be daring and make your biggest fashion statement. There are no restrictions with fashion at the Melbourne Cup, but the key is to master a look and pull it off well. You may want to emphasise your headpiece, so you would opt for the most extravagant style and wear a simpler dress, or you might want to focus on your bright dress and wear a toned-down headpiece that complements the style of your dress. With accessories, opt for a statement clutch and some bold necklaces, earrings and rings to make your mark on the field. This is the one time of year that you can really take on any trend, so have fun with it!

Stakes Day:

As one of the more relaxed family-friendly day of the races, this is your chance to pull off the relaxed-but-dressy look. Opt for a wide brim hat, a lace visor or even a floral headband. As for outfits stick to relaxed styles like culottes or loose midi-dresses to pair with a structured clutch. Stakes Day invites in brighter or neutral colours for race-wear so do avoid anything black as to match the theme.

(Rebecca James)