SLAY your next party look like Jessie

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Our gal Jessie Khoo has given us tips on how to be party ready for our 8th Birthday!

Stalk her style HERE

We adore her style! check out how she gets ready for a day party.


What is your favourite day party look?
Anything bright and light

What is your go-to party accessory? Why?
Statement earrings, everyone sees them! 

How do you plan a party outfit?
Start with a dress or top then work around that. Add bags and accessories that will complement the neckline, colours and design. 

What is your party essential?
A good bag to hold everything I need, but the smaller the better, you don't want to carry anything clunky.

How would you describe your party style?
Lots of fun people, good food and dancing! 

Do you have a favourite bag silhouette for a night out? If so, what is it?
A cross- body mini bag would be my ideal party bag

Hoops or statement earring? Why?
Statement earrings. I love how statement earrings are a bit more interesting than hoops

Crossbody or clutch? Why?
Crossbody... hands-free, baby! Better for dancing! 

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