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Mother’s Day is around the corner and we recently spoke with our Creative Director, Colette Hayman and her daughter, Natasha Hayman, our Head Buyer of International to give us an insight on their close-knit relationship, the perfect Mother’s Day gift and of course, all things fashion.

Read on to find out more and shop our Mother’s Day edit below to get your mum the perfect gift! xx


1. When was your most memorable Mother’s Day and why?

Colette: Each year they would make me breakfast in bed as a "surprise" and as the baby of my 3 girls, Tash was sent up to my room to make sure I didn't know what they were doing. She would say 'you don't have to come up stairs, there's nothing going on you know?" and I would have to play dumb until the big reveal.

Tash: The best mother’s day I remember would be going for a champagne high tea with my sisters and Mum last year, we had so much fun.


2. How will you both be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

Colette: I will be taking my mum and sister on holiday to explore the Countryside in England. We will be there on Mother’s day to celebrate and will have afternoon high tea.


3. Tash, what’s one thing we don’t know about Colette?

Tash:  This might be a bit random, but my Mum is obsessed with salt and pepper canisters. She has to literally stop herself from buying them, her collection is insane.


4. Colette, what’s one thing we don’t know about Tash?

Colette: That next Mother's Day, Tash will be a mum! We are all so excited to have a new baby on the way.


5. Describe each other’s style!

Colette: Tash can be super cool or super sexy in her style, her moods definitely determine her choice of outfit for each day. When she walks into the office, I know straight away how she is feeling.

Tash: I would say Colette’s style is a little less predictable than mine. One day she could walk in wearing patch work, denim, Gucci graffiti tee’s with oversized hoops and the next day could be Balmain blazers, a statement necklace and some killer designer strappy heels. Each look is put together perfectly and probably inspired by last week’s blog research or street fashion sites. I would say her style is always right on trend.  


6. Do you influence each other’s fashion choices? How so?

Colette: We have very different styles of dress and we know each others tastes well, so Tash will often send me the link to something she knows that I would like to buy and I do the same for her.

Tash: I can’t lie, when my mum arrives at work some days, I definitely eye off some key pieces to remember next time I go through her closet haha (that I would style my own way, as luckily I am blessed with the same clothing size). However our shoe sizes are different – this is a serious curse as Colette’s shoe collection is absolutely amazing and forever growing!!!


7. What are your top gifts for Mother’s Day?

Colette: I love peonies and white roses, as well as Equipment (the label) silk pyjamas. I am loving pale pink bags at the moment too. My children are so thoughtful every Mother's Day, but the best gift is to have all of them around me.

Tash: Mother’s day gifts can be hard, gift vouchers are a more personal way of giving a little guilt free shopping experience to your mum and she can get exactly what she likes! Other great gifts are candles, slippers for winter and tea or coffee mugs are always personal and your mum will think of you when she uses it!


8. Tash, what’s the best advice your mum has given you?

Tash: My mum has always stuck to her beliefs regardless of the situation. She doesn’t believe in taking the easy route to success in business or in relationships. Often when asking for advice, I know what her answer will be and it’s to do the right thing - Whatever I truly believe that to be.



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