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From homewares to shoes, from jewel to make up, the popularity of rose gold has risen in the last few years and it's so easy to see why! We've spotted it on the AW17 runways and on our favourite IT-girls. Rose gold is the new classic staple that everybody is loving. Below are 5 reasons why we LOVE the rose gold trend and won't be getting sick of it any time soon xx

1. Silver and gold can get boring!

Silver and gold have maintained classic-jewel status for decades and frankly, it became predictable. So naturally, the rose gold hype kicked in as the new classic must-have.


2. It works well with neutrals.

Rose gold is equally (if not better) than silver and gold because it works so well with neutrals! Think about all the classic black staples in your wardrobe and rose gold just works.


3. Rose gold is said to enhance your skin tone.

It's hard to dislike a colour you'd naturally look good in! Not only do we see rose gold in jewel, we also see it on our watches, our iPhone covers and even on our faces - think highlighters or eye shadow. The natural warmth of rose gold gives any complexion a youthful glow.


4. It's the perfect "in-between" shade.

We always ask whether someone is a silver or gold girl. But what if you're just unsure? Rose gold is the perfect in-between hue for all jewel lovers. If you struggle with jewel as presents, rose gold is the easiest fool-proof option.


5. It's a toned down and understated colour

Rose gold is popular due to being the understated of all the metal colours. Silver can be overly shiny and gold can be way too blingy. Rose gold is the perfect hue for those that prefer understated styles.

description here
Diamante Patterned Choker Necklace
description here
Fine Snake Chain 2 Bar Necklace
description here
A5 Notebook
description here
Pretty Diamante Front Back Earrings
description here
Cut Out Pattern Cuff
description here
Teardrop Stone Pave Outer Ring
description here
Penelope Clutch
description here
Purse Gift Set
description here
Carissa Thick Metal Bar Clutch


Images via The Fashion Spot and Who What Wear

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