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You've heard about it, you've seen it online and now you're curious. So how does it work? Our Switch n Swap range is our first range of customisable bags. The range features two styles: a crossbody and a tote bag, both with interchangeable covers that you can simply swap over as you please. If you can never decide on a bag colour or simply want to change your look each and every time, this is the range for you!



Our Emma 4-IN-1 Cover tote comes with 3 interchangeable covers. The tote, originally black with a saffiano finish, includes a black croc print cover, smooth leopard print cover and caramel PU finish cover. This is the perfect bag for the busy city girl who wants a quick and easy way to keep her look fresh.

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1. Pick a cover!
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2. Press the studs together
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3. Voila!


How to switch and swap?

1. Pick a cover! Choose from our black croc print, smooth leopard print or caramel PU finish covers to suit your style and mood.

2. Look closely at the press studs. There should be one on each corner on both the cover and the bag. Simply press these studs together until they click. Voila - it's like you have a completely new bag!

3. Simply peel each corner off gently to remove. Repeat steps to change as you please.


Our Zoey Zip 3-in-1 Crossbody is the perfect go-to crossbody for all the monochrome lovers out there. The interchangeable covers include black saffiano, smooth leopard print and ivory saffiano finish.

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1. Unzip
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2. Attach your chosen cover
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3. Zip up again!


How to switch and swap?

1. Pick a cover. Once again, pick something to suit your style and mood!

2. Attach the cover over the bag with the zip section paired with the back zip of the bag. Keep the zipper on the right-hand side of the bag and simply attach gold metal clasps onto each other. Once connected, simply zip to the left to seal.

3. Once the back zip is connected to the cover, simply press the cover's inward magnetic metal onto the magnetic button on the bag.

4. To remove, simply peel off magnetic button closure and unzip from the back. Repeat steps to change the cover as you wish!


Our Switch n Swap range is available exclusively online now. Don't miss out xx


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Emma 4-in-1 Cover Tote
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Zoey Zip 3-in-1 Crossbody