Unveiling the Fashinating Blue Moon Handbag Collection

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Blue Moon Handbags bring a cooler look to evening wear as the seasons of summer close and autumn begin. Offering a range of stylish silhouettes and fashionable handbags, Blue Moon gives crystals an exciting new look by mixing them with cobalt materials and gunmetal hardware. This combination creates a stunning range of evening bags, perfect for ahead-of-the-curve fashionistas looking to mix up their wardrobe. Blue Moon's collection offers a unique blend of modern materials that is sure to get heads turning on your night out.

Inspiration:  Drawing from the beauty of the night sky and moon, we have crafted an enchanting range of handbags that combines modern style with timeless elegance. Luxe satin fabrics and soft vegan leathers are accented with unique metals, crystals, and appliques that give each bag its own special touch of sparkle. Whether you’re dressing up for a formal event or just going out Blue Moon Collection has a bag to suit your every need.

Materials:  All of our handbags are made with the finest materials. In Blue Moon Collection, we have used satin and vegan leather that will last through many nights out. The details like the crystals, appliques and metal accents are all carefully selected to add a special touch of sparkle to any outfit.

Features:  Our handbags are all made with comfort and style in mind. Combined with features such as a detachable shoulder strap, interior pockets and zip closures, our handbags are designed to keep everything organised while keeping up with the latest trends.

Care Instructions: To ensure long-lasting use, avoid exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures and use a damp cloth for easy cleaning. With proper care, your bag will be sure to stay looking beautiful for years to come.

What makes the Blue Moon Collection so special?

The Blue Moon Collection is set to revolutionise evening bags with its dazzling array of fashionable styles and silhouettes. Featuring dazzling crystal embellishments, intricate designs and luxurious fabrics, Blue Moon’s bags are sure to add a touch of glamour during your special evening outings.

Tips for choosing the outfit colours that best complement Blue Moon Collection:

Cobalt blue and black handbags are a timeless piece of fashion that can create many different looks depending on the colours you pair with them. Here is the list of colours that pair well with Cobalt blue handbags.

White: creates a classic, crisp look when paired with a cobalt blue handbag.

Beige: adds warmth and complements the richness of the cobalt blue bag.

Metallics: silver, gold, and copper can all look great with cobalt blue and add some shine to an outfit.

Black: creates a chic, monochromatic look when paired with cobalt blue.

List of colours that pair well with black handbags.

White: adds a fresh, modern feel when paired with black.

Grey: creates an edgy and sophisticated look.

Earthy tones: olive green, rust, and caramel add warmth and depth to a black outfit.

Red: adds a pop of colour and contrast to the darkness of black.

Blue Moon Collection now available in colette by colette hayman stores Australia-wide.