What to Look For in a Baby Bag?

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The time has come. You are ready to venture out of the house. Being a new parent, the idea of this can be both daunting and overwhelming. Gone are the days of carrying a cross body or that cute tote you love. However, I would like to introduce you to your new best friend…The Colette by Colette Hayman baby bag! It is strong enough to go the distance without skimping on style. But what makes it so special?

As a parent you have always got your hands full which is why our baby bags come with detachable adjustable shoulder straps. Perfect for slinging over your shoulder. As well as this, the short handles make it easy to grab and go.
Alternatively, we have the baby backpack. Light weight, easy to carry and effortless to clean. It attaches to your pram so that when things get messy you have both hands free.

Baby bag with shoulder strap

Speaking of messy. Sometimes accidents happen. Not only can our baby bags be wiped clean. They come with a change mat. Padded for comfort and easy to whip out on the go.

Baby bag with free change mat

Whether you are taking your baby out for the day or just a quick trip to the shops our baby bags have got you covered. The key is to pack for your lifestyle as well as the occasional mishap. With plenty of pockets and compartments everything will have a place. Including bottles which slide into an insulated pocket.

Baby backpack with contents

All these features combine to bring you one convenient carry-all baby bag which is fashion forward and does not compromise on functionality or quality. With bright and neutral colours to choose from you are sure to find the best nappy bag for both you and your baby.