5 simple ways to starting 2018 right!

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When getting back into the grove of things and jump starting 2018, don’t forget to focus on yourself. Always make room for self-empowerment and improvement . Coming up with a new year’s resolution can rise our stress levels, so we have come up with 5 simple ways on how to better yourself in 2018.

1. Word of the year

When looking at bettering yourself, don’t focus on one specific aspect of your life. Choose one word that describes what you want to achieve in 2018. It can be as simple as “happy” or “confidence”. Once you have decided on your word, run with it! Apply it to your daily tasks in every way possible.

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2. Be thankful

When life gets in the way, we can forget how blessed we truly are. Stop for a second and have a look at your surroundings. That is when you see all your achievements from the past, which have enabled you to be where you are now. Go the extra mile and show your gratitude and appreciation to those around you. You and your relationships can benefit from it.

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3. Talk to future you

We are firm believers in writing. Writing can help in many ways, even with stress. Write yourself a letter and date it. Tell yourself what you would like to achieve this year. Make it fun and adventurous. Include the things you want to see change and evolve. Make sure you read it in 2019 to see how far you have come.

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4. Be you

The best advice we can give for 2018 is, BE YOU. Stay true to yourself and have fun. The sky is the limit. You can achieve all things when you put your mind to it. The saying “what you get, is what you give”, is a great reminder to better ourselves, and to be kind to one another.


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5. Celebrate your achievements

One of the best feelings is knowing you made it. When you have achieved a certain goal you have set, it is a good idea to reward yourself for it. Whether it be a big or small achievement you are entitled to enjoy the wins. Have fun with every step of the way to your achievements. Keep it interesting and exciting for you to work towards and look forward to the results.

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