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 Valentine’s Day is upon us. It’s a day that brings out the good and bad in people, we either love it or hate it! Whichever side you’re on, we’ve teamed up with our girl Laura Amy to give you the chance to win one of two $200 gift vouchers! Simply click the post above or check out her Instagram handle @_lauraammy for more deets.

Below we’ve created a list of what we love about Valentine’s Day and what we don’t like – which girl are you?

Things we love about Valentine’s Day:

1. It’s the one day we celebrate romance and all the cute little things in between!
2. It’s the perfect excuse to chat to the guy you’re “in-like” with. Or like all his photos. Or both!
3. It’s also the perfect excuse to spend the day with your best girlfriends.
4. Chocolate!!!
5. Chick flick binge on Netflix, here we come.
6. Shout out to the coupled-up ladies with boyfriends that spoil them, lucky ducks!!!
7. That ego boost we get when we receive an anonymous Valentines card from a secret admirer!
8. Who doesn’t love date night? Fab excuse to doll yourself up.
9. So many Valentines’ celebrations! Go fine dining with the boyfriend or go to a Valentine’s party with the girls.
10. If you get me a puppy for Valentine’s Day, I am not complaining.

Things we hate about Valentine’s Day:

1. Hearts. Hearts everywhere. Can’t. Escape.
2. The hike in florists’ prices. Come on, a week ago I could have gotten these roses for half the price!
3. I mean, what does it really have to do with love?
4. Stop feeding me chocolate!!!
5. Valentine’s Day brings out the stalkers. For the 7th time, I really am busy.
6. You will hear “forever alone” about a thousand times.
7. PDA full stop
8. Oh and don’t forget seeing some love letter shout-outs on Instagram.
9. I’d really rather just hang out with my girls.
10. An overuse of the term “bae”. That is all.

Are you pro-Valentines or anti-Valentines? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget our competition – win one of two $200 gift vouchers by checking out Laura Amy’s post! Love it or hate Valentine’s, whatever you are doing, we hope you have a fabulous day! xx

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