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We’ve compiled a list of our six most adored chick flicks, if you haven’t watched the movies below, get on it! Put on your cosiest pj’s, invite some girlfriends around and have a laugh! Enjoy xx
Mean Girls
Set in Illinois Chicago, this movie follows the life of Cady Heron, a teenager who has spent the last twelve years of her life living in Africa. Cady makes friends with some questionable characters and learns the value of true friendship. Famous one liners: ‘She doesn’t even go here’,  ‘On Wednesday’s we wear pink!’
Princess Diaries
Timid teenager Mia Thermopiles learns that her grandmother is the Queen of a small European country called Genovia, and Mia is next in line for the thrown! Set in San Francisco, watch Mia go from shy awkward teenager to a real-life princess. Our favourite scene: When Pablo gives Mia her princess makeover! #fabulous
Cher is a fifteen-year-old Beverly Hills socialite who befriends the new girl at her school. Tai becomes more popular than Cher, and she realises that her step brother was right about her misguided priorities, and falls for him hard. Quote we love: ‘Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?’
Legally Blonde
Elle Woods is taken out for dinner by her boyfriend, thinking his intention is to propose. Instead, Warner breaks up with her! To try and get him back, Elle applies for Harvard Law School. Girl boss scene: When Elle ever so gracefully shuts down the sales women who tries to sell her a last season dress at full price. #yougogirl
The Devil Wears Prada
Runway is the most prestigious fashion magazine in New York, and college graduate Andy has just scored herself a job there. Watch Andy go from basically not existing in the fashion world, to the person Miranda (the devil) takes to Paris for Fall Fashion Week. Quote we love: ‘Florals for spring? Ground-breaking.’
Love Actually
This movie follows the journey of nine intertwined stories of over twelve main characters. Set in England, America and France, every story examines the same emotion in a different way; love. Most romantic scene: When Mark turns up at Juliet’s door on Christmas Eve to confess his love for her! #bestsceneever

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