Your top 5 party essentials

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It’s officially party season! You can never be too organized when it comes to the party season. With all the excitement in the air, we get ready in the perfect outfit for the night, have our hair and makeup done and run out the door ready to party! This is when we tend to forget our party essentials, and start to think have I forgotten something?

Do not fear ladies! We have put together a list of our top 6 party essentials. You’re going to want to save this; screenshot it, stick it in a frame and hang it on your wall. Kiss it goodbye whenever you’re headed out, with the confidence that you’ve got everything you need to be packed into your Colette clutch.

 1. Clutch of the night

First things first, be both on-trend and well-equipped with a killer bag or clutch. When you have matched the perfect clutch with your outfit to party the night away, make sure you have filled it with your essentials. your phone, credit card, ID and house keys. But let’s dive a little deeper. Let’s look at the less obvious items, which you absolutely need, but always seem to forget!

2. The IT phone case

Having the perfect phone case changes everything! You can have it compliment your mood for the night. So why not go for a colourful and glittery one! Protect your phone in style.

3. Your go-to touch up makeup brush set

Going to the powder room mid-way in the night to touch up on makeup is always a good idea. Remember to have a makeup brush or two to remedy any party-related smudges, smears or spots. The perfect solution to for any makeup emergency.

4. The Lipstick life

Keep a perfect pout all day and all night long with this compact lipstick set! Have your favourite lipstick ready to go in your clutch.


5. To keep the perfect hair look

It is the worst feeling when you have been dancing all night and all you want to do is put your hair in a high pony-tail and stay fabulous but can’t because you don’t have the hair accessories to do so. From now on have a mini set of Spare hair ties, bobby pins, and hair clips in every bag, clutch, and wallet you own. For hair emergencies. Very important.

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