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Mini Me

A mother-daughter dream is now a reality! Matching mummy and daughter outfits are the absolute cutest! We have taken the trend to a new level! You can now finally accessories the same too!

We all know little girls absolutely love to dress up as their mums as they are their number one inspiration. Colette now helps you create amazing memories with your daughters’, nieces and granddaughters.



We have introduced two adorable collections- Mini me jewellery and Colette Junior bags. It is the perfect time to have matching outfits with mummy and daughter bags and jewellery. Make precious moments like these before she becomes a teenager and starts to choose her own wardrobe.

Our Gm group retails operations Jenni Hill and her beautiful daughter Evie showed us how much fun it can be to have matching accessories!!

 Check out our adorable collections below to join in on the cuteness overload! 



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